Every project is unique and if I can't tackle your problem solo, I'll call on my network of carefully selected UK and global partners. Here's what I do:

Brand Positioning & Identity >

Using semiotics to analyse and deconstruct your brand, competitors, target audience and the culture they inhabit, making sure your visual and verbal identity works as hard as it can.

Cultural Investigation & Detection >

Successful brands need to adapt to changing cultures. Looking at these changes in detail, from the past to the future, reveals untapped commercial opportunities.

Global Relevance >

Applying local cultural insight to global brands. Co-ordinating country-specific analysts to identify creative strategies that work globally. Full project management available from concept to delivery.

New Product Development & Innovation >

Identifying, articulating or visualising new product opportunities from conception and pack design to messaging and launch strategy, always with an eye on cultural relevance.

Pitch Prep & Strategic Direction >

A shot of semiotics will add depth and relevance to any pitch strategy. It can also illuminate a new category, answer tricky strategic questions or breathe new excitement into long term client relationships.

Semio-Qual Crossover Projects >

Cultural analysis can't tell you everything. Sometimes a multi-disciplinary 360° approach is needed that combines varying levels of semiotic input with more traditional consumer-facing research. Very happy working in semio-qual partnerships.

Brand Language & Concept Writing>

I love getting brand language and concepts spot on. Creating brand guidelines or the perfect tone of voice, finessing concepts before testing (or writing from scratch) and making content more culturally relevant. Great for internal strategies, external content or communications briefings.

Workshop Inspiration>

Getting a cultural perspective in a workshop setting can open up a brand or category in a whole new way. I am happy to present, attend or create inspirational workshop days.

Big Learnings For Smaller Brands>

Having worked on global brands for Unilever, P & G, Kellogg's and Johnson & Johnson, I'm keen to support new creative businesses, product launches and start-ups too. A semiotic consultation could crystalise your brand direction, visual imagery & tone of voice. Happy to help.

For more detail, have a look at some case histories or get in touch.